Friday, August 1, 2014

Delivering Multi Bitrate Video on MyKLIK

Currently, MyKLIK stream at 750kbps speed since the video source was taken in SD quality. But as the user grows rapidly, streaming in MBR is becoming important.

For our Live Streaming TV, we do Cloud Transcoding into 4 bitrates ( 160p,240p,360p and 480p ). The process is quite straigh forward. We encode the incoming stream to 480p @ 1000kbps and send to Cloud Transcoder Service. From there, we push to Streaming CDN and deliver it to our users.

But for Video On Demand, we need to consider these factors :

  1. The video encoder settings
  2. Encoder server CPU capability
  3. Local Storage server
  4. Cloud storage

The video will be encoded to 720p H264/AAC 1500kbps quality and we need to encode into different bitrates, for example, if user uploaded news_1080p, we need to encode the video into :

  • news_720p 
  • news_480p
  • news_360p
  • news_240p
  • news_160p
In short, delivering MBR for Video On Demand streaming is quite expensive in terms of hardware and resources.

Thanks to Open Source Software, we manage to solve our MBR delivery issues. For our pilot testing :

Make sure you have Flash Player Plugin installed. 5 profiles means, the streaming server will choose the best bitrate profile depending on your current bandwidth speed.

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