Sunday, August 24, 2014

HandbrakeCLI vs FFMPEG on GEARMAN setup

Finally we completed 4 out 5 dedicated video encoder using Mac Mini i5 4GB ram each. For encoder #2, we use FFMPEG and the rests are using HandBrakeCLI. All machine connected to the storage server via LAN and only processing power that we can test at this moment of truth.

The test :

  1. Sample.mp4 copied to storage server
  2. Gearman choose which Worker  to process Sample.mp4
  3. Worker download Sample.mp4
  4. Worker started to encode in PHP loop to generate 3 profiles ( 400kbps,700kbps,1100kbps )
  5. Worker upload back all the videos to Storage server

The results :
  • FFMPEG use more processing power
  • FFMPEG encode much slower
So from a very rough test, we decided to use HandBrakeCLI for our production servers.

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