Friday, August 15, 2014

MyKLIK Architecture Design

High Level Design
MyKLIK originally was a small scale web application. User just record the TV program, encode manually and upload to server and playback using HTTP Pseudo Streaming using FLV.

But those were early days of MyKLIK. Now with increasing and more engaging customers ( thanks to Google Analytics data ), MyKLIK need to evolve.

Currently we serving 4 departments, with 5 uploaders/editors per department with average 500mb to 1GB per RAW video. And each video need to be transcoded into 400,700 and 1100kbps for multibitrate delivery.

We solved the video queue by adding more encoders. We put 2 workers per encoder. Now our encoding capacity is processing 8 videos in parallel.

Gearman Workers in action.

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