Monday, August 4, 2014

Streaming Solutions on Amazon Web Services

Batch uploading to S3 from our Video Storage Server

Amazon AWS really accelerated our deployment for Live and VOD. For Live Streaming, we hosted around 25 channels and for VOD we serving 10TB of data.

Much of heavy workload still done locally in client's datacenter but for delivering the videos, we rely on AWS.

Live Transcoding
We use Nvidia GPU Hardware Acceleration instance for our TV Channels. Each TV encoder will send SD quality video to Wowza Transcoder and trancoded into 4 different bitrates. Amazon Cloudfront will take the transcoded video from EC2 origin and distribute to their CDN nodes.

S3 Video Hosting
We still use Wowza Server for HLS/HDS packetizer and Amazon Cloudfront to serve the HLS/HDS video. But for storage, we use Amazon S3

Glacier Backup
We store our backup to Glacier

Route53 DNS
Pretty easy to use, now you can buy domain directly from AWS. Most of our servers being mapped by Route53 DNS service.

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